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Energy storage

On or off grid




Sizing & Design


  • Swedish engineering
  • Superiour lifetime
  • Robust and secure
  • On or off grid
  • Cloud connected

Energy storage

Now there is finally the ability to store solar and wind energy with contemporary battery technology. This means that the use of renewable energy increasing significantly and reduces your energy costs. Box of ENERGY is covering all types of needs, whether you have a small cabin without connection to the mains or a large property with a high energy consumption

Energy mastering

Our power management is controlled by the advanced technology and proprietary software. Technology environment includes control and regulation of charging, discharging and wind and / or solar cell production. We deal with power control, -regulation and planning of your energy. Box of ENERGY is easily connected to your villa or property. If you also have an electric or hybrid vehicle box of Energy can communicate with the car's charging system (mode 3) to optimize charging and energy management for the total requirement, for example if you want to recharge the vehicle at night when the price is lower per kWh while providing the house or property with renewable energy. All these features mean that customers will get the widest use of your box of Energy as possible. If you are grid connected today and you get a black out, we have the feature that allows the system go over to so-called island operation (off-grid) which leads to vital consumers still kept going. For example, heat pumps, lighting, ventilation & computer systems.

Energy monitoring

Sit back and let the Box of Energy take care of itself while you monitor the system. By smartphones, tablets or computer, you will see in real time and in teaching designed interface graphs, signals, reports and more. Box of Energy is using our advanced cloud- based server environment for greater operational decisions such as buy cheap energy from the grid, weather information and scheduled operation impact. Our ambition is to provide you with the most advanced technology, but in a simple manner presented to you, and how to master your energy.

Our Team

Johan Stjernberg
Founder & CEO
Therese Stjernberg
Fredrik Stigebrandt
Technical Production Manager
Daniel Magnusson
Electrical Engineering
Hans-Olof Nilsson
Sustainable Energy Expert